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TONGA of the Mammoth People

Five hundred thousand years ago the world was a different place. It was filled with monstrous beasts that hunted man. Those men were still primitive and lived like much like the beasts that hunted them. The journey to evolve into the people we are today starts with a select brave few. Among those is a young cave girl named Tonga. Separated from her clan, she must find her way back home. Along the way, she makes an unlikely alliance with an old enemy; a union that will forever change the relationship between man and beast. With the help of her new found family the young girl must battle the elements, predators, and even other humans to find her way back to her people.

Reining In succeeds, in my humble opinion, on many levels and proves that genre does not preclude excellent writing.  The plot is imaginative and, by the creation and deft development of character, is peopled with a believable cast.  The pace is variable and smoothly changes gear as the story progresses.  While unique and original are much hackneyed words, I will settle for innovative, imaginative and distinctive. 

Robert Davidson, author of  The Tuzla Run


For those who love vampire stories the pitch will be a draw.  But when they get into the book they will find something as moving as it is frightening and with a depth of emotion that is truly human.  Apologies to the undead.  Brilliant. 

Lynn Clayton, author of Deadly Nevergreen



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